Open6GHub at the 26th VDE/ITG Mobile Communication Conference


"5G Lösungen und 6G Ausblick", under this main topic, the 26th VDE/ITG Mobile Communication Conference took place at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences on May 18th and 19th 2022.

Traditionally, the ITG conference aims at networking and the exchange of researchers, developers and users from the German-speaking area and promotes the exchange of ideas and opinions. Topics from all areas related to mobile communication and wireless networks will be discussed. 

This year, the Open6GHub project, together with colleagues from the DFKI and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, were on site and contributed to the success of the conference. Based on currently available 5G mobile networks and implemented campus networks, Rekha Reddy presented her work on “Managing the Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Mobile Communication: A Machine Learning Approach for Network Traffic Prediction”, Julian Ahrens talked about “Signal Restoration and Channel Estimation for Channel Sounding with SDRs” while Sachinkumar Mallikarjun discussed the “Performance Analysis of a Private 5G SA Campus Network”.  

Yorman Munoz (“Organic & Dynamic Infrastructure: Getting ready for 6G”), Jan Herbst and Matthias Rüb (“Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: A Guide about Applications and their Implementation”) and Christoph Lipps with a keynote on “6G as the base of a highly networked economy and society” gave an outlook on the next generation of mobile communications.