The Open6GHub as a transformer


The Open6GHub aims to create a 6G vision for Germany and Europe and, in combination with scientific and technical developments, develop this vision into a holistic system architecture. 

Among other factors, the following influences have been identified as drivers for vision and architecture of the project: 

  • Technological Trends
    In our Open6GHub, new technologies are being developed in numerous working groups as well as tested regarding their applicability for the mobile communication standard of the future. Technologies such as Millimetre-Waves, Terahertz-Transmission-Systems, Organic Networks or the integration of Flying Objects and Satellites deserve to be mentioned here. 
  • User Requirements 
    6G is being developed as an adaptive standard that can be tailored to the specific needs of various applications. Therefore, the requirements of potential users are already identified in the design process and considered when creating the vision and architecture. 
  • Societal Requirements
    The digitization of the lives of citizens inevitably goes hand in hand with the needs and requirements of society, which need to be taken into account when planning a new mobile communication standard. These include, among other things, security and sovereignty over data and the control of data flows, but also energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gases in the overall system or the inclusion of all social groups in the new digital life. 
  • Geopolitical context and global 6G programs 
    Global standards are being developed in mobile communications, so that the Open6GHub, together with the 6G platform, consider the geopolitical development of 6G technologies and cooperate with other 6G programs in Europe and worldwide to support exchange. 

As a transformer, the Open6GHub processes the gained expertise in order to deliver meaningful results and contributions to the development of global standardization and product generation. The Open6GHub strives for the following results: 

  • Innovations, Start-ups, scientific centres of excellence 
    The excellence of mobile phone research in Germany is to be promoted as a major contribution by bringing together the necessary complementary skills across locations and building a comprehensive research network. Above all, the early training of extremely qualified young people should be a priority in order to support possible foundations of High-Tech German Start-ups. 
  • Contribution to the sustainable transformation of Society and Industry
    Through integrating social and industrial requirements, a 6G mobile network is to be developed that can expressly advance the digital transformation and enable both the technological sovereignty of Germany and the digital life of the citizens for the long run. 
  • Contribution to a harmonized Global 6G Standard
    Standardization of 6G mobile communication technologies is expected to begin in the year of 2025. As a contribution to standardization, the Open6GHub will deliver its results of scientific and technological testing of potential technologies and software solutions and will actively support standardization in possible follow-up projects. 
  • Integrate Industry and SMEs 
    Several experimental fields and OpenLabs are being set up in the Open6GHub, through which associated industrial companies and SMEs can test and learn about technologies. Experimental fields are set up at the individual partners of the project for specific technological solutions, which are then integrated in the OpenLabs to form holistic demonstrators for selected applications.