RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau

The RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau is a research university with international visibility. Research of the highest quality according to the recognized international standards of the respective disciplines is central to the self-image of the RPTU. The quality and strength of research in its entire spectrum arise from the disciplines and from the orientation towards the major research topics relevant to society.

In research, the RPTU is closely conneceted with regional, national and international partners from science and industry. Several renowned research institutions are located directly on the campus, all of which cooperate intensively with the RPTU, especially in applied research.


Participating professors and teaching areas

Prof. Hans Schotten (Wireless Communication and Navigation):


  • 6G for mobile and organic campus networks
  • System level 6G simulator
  • Spectrum allocation for mobile and nomadic networks
  • Application-specific radio protocols
  • Jamming detection and localization
  • 6G RAN and JC&S system design
  • Context management in 6G campus networks
  • Host for OpenLabs “Agriculture” and “Mobile 6G Network”

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Prof. Norbert Wehn (Microelectronic Systems Design):


  • Energy-efficient AI implementations
  • Energy-efficient implementation of baseband algorithms, especially channel coding and modulation methods
  • Toolbox development for 6G FPGA implementations

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Prof. Marco Rahm (Electrodynamics and Optical Technologies):


  • Vision development 6G campus networks with integration of intelligent interfaces
  • Design and implementation of intelligent interfaces

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Prof. Stefan Götz (Mechatronics and Electrical Drives):


  • Vision development 6G campus networks, neuroelectronics and brain-machine interfaces
  • Sustainability and intelligent energy management for power electronics and power supplies
  • 6G as Green-ICT-Key-Technology
  • Energetic resilience and reliability

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