University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart, founded in 1829, is a technically oriented university in the heart of one of the strongest high-tech regions in Europe with a global reputation and interdisciplinary integration of engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. It is represented by two departments in the Open6G project: The Institute for Robust Power Semiconductor Systems (ILH) and the Institute for Telecommunications (INÜ).

Participating professors and teaching areas

Prof. Stephan ten Brink (Telecommunications):


  • Theoretical concepts and foundations for future Communication Systems
  • Improved Channel Coding and Modulation
  • Novel Channel-Access-Methods and Multi-User Concepts
  • Using AI methods at the PHY/MAC level

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Prof. Ingmar Kallfass (Robust Power Semiconductor Systems):


  • Conception, Research and Realization of new miniaturized THz transceiver modules
  • Realization of the overall system and connection of ultra-broadband modems to the THz link
  • Integration and commissioning of the full duplex THz data link
  • New concepts for electronic alignment capability, in-situ calibration, Channel Modeling, Digital Predistortion

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