Technical University of Ilmenau

Research Group EMS Electronic Measurements and Signal Processing

The group consists of a department at the TU Ilmenau and a department of the Fraunhofer IIS. 54 employees are working on the following applications: mobile broadband (5G, mmwaves up to 60 GHz, SatCom), positioning and navigation (GNSS, direction finder, radar, UWB), automotive (V2X) and non-destructive testing (ultrasound).

With regard to the Open6GHub, the group offers you the following research competencies: channel sounding and channel modeling up to 180 GHz, emulation of virtual EM environments (e.g. by wave field synthesis), signal processing and algorithms, compressed sensing and sparsity promoting reconstruction and high-resolution parameter estimation (e.g. DOA estimation).



Participating professors and teaching areas

Prof. Giovanni Del Galdo (Electronic Measurements and Signal Processing):


  • Analysis, modeling and manipulation of multidimensional signals
  • Over-The-Air Testing for terrestrial and satellite-based systems
  • Economy-promoting reconstruction methods

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Prof. Reiner Thomä (Scientific Advisor EMS):


  • 6G Guiding Vision JC&S
  • System concept, detection and parameter estimation
  • Multi-sensor access, resource allocation and transmitter-side adaptation
  • Simulation and demonstration of JC&S in distributed infrastructure