Beyond Cellular

The 6G vision “Beyond Cellular” includes new concepts and technological approaches to network architectures that go beyond the static and cellular network architectures of the past. In addition, the expansion is taking place in the direction of heterogeneous 3D network components (LAPs, HAPs, satellites). This includes organically changing communication networks in which different network components act autonomously. Central foci are the design of LAP-based radar detection and communication, efficient information exchange between distributed network components and orchestration, and the operation of dynamic infrastructure-free networks. For moving networks, concepts for network adaptation and network optimization as well as adaptable ML concepts for highly dynamic, heterogeneous 3D environments are explored. In addition, network concepts such as body-area networks (BANs), machine, robot, and vehicle networks are considered, which can embed themselves in a central infrastructure. Examples of innovations include low-power event-based communication and URLLC concepts to support control and decision-making processes. The deployment and development of ML-based concepts in highly dynamic, flexible configurations is done in critical consideration of performance in the overall system, algorithmic complexity, and training complexity.