mmWave and THz technologies

Novel mmW radio systems, partly with integrated fiber optics, are being researched. In order to enable for the first time radio data rates with >1 Tbit/s in the backbone network at distances of up to 1 km, a THz radio link with quasi-optical beam steering, full-duplex functionality and fiber-optical network connection based on the new IEEE802.15.3d THz standard will be developed and made available for automated hardware-in-the-loop experiments including end-to-end evaluation. In addition, “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces” are investigated at a working frequency of 26 GHz with respect to their applicability for beam redirection. In order to transmit extremely high data volumes over short distances (e.g. in manufacturing environments) efficiently and cost-effectively, two novel concepts will be realized. For ultra-fast transmission to mobile receivers, a novel system concept with electronic beam steering based on frequency agile antennas at 300 GHz is realized. Together with the integrated photonic link, an efficient and at the same time cost-effective mobile Terahertz Access Point (THzAP) is created.