Vision 2030

As an interface to the outside world where societal and user requirements, visions of other 6G programs and roadmaps are collected, analyzed and most importantly evaluated, a common vision for a highly connected world after 2030 will be developed in the Open6GHub. For the societal requirements, which will be of central importance in the Open6GHub, a methodology for quantitative collection and assessment will be developed and close collaboration with the 6G Platform will be sought.

Project goals

  • Development of a guiding vision for 6G in scientific and popular-scientific presentation
    • Analysis of the role of humans in a highly networked world
    • Consideration and evaluation of technological and political developments
  • Obtaining, analyzing and evaluating societal demands for 6G and reflecting them back into the project
    • Focus specifically on sovereignty in data and technology, sustainability, and public acceptance
  • Identification of technological trends
  • Creation of development roadmaps
  • Definition and classification of novel applications for 6G and their requirements
    • Collaboration with associations, industry, SMEs and public agencies
  • Innovation management – business models and role of 6G

Role in Project

  • Implementation of the validated requirements for the development of a future-proof guiding vision of 6G.
  • Description of the technological and functional basis for the development of 6G


Results and achievements

  • Establishment of contact network and advisory boards from national and international companies
  • Definition of networking with the 6G platform


Prof. Hans Schotten