New Communication Concepts

New communication concepts for 6G are elaborated, starting from the information and communication theory for both physical (bit) transmission layer (PHY), and media access (MAC/LLC, resource allocation/scheduling). This provides the basis for the exploration of new transmission concepts in single and multi-user channel, access and core networks. Existing performance evaluation methods and tools will be significantly enhanced to meet the increased requirements of 6G. Furthermore, the use of AI methods at the PHY/MAC level and in particular their performance evaluation in comparison with classical methods will be addressed. Further exploratory topics evaluate the potential of novel channel access methods and multi-user concepts, the adaptation of PHY to applications such as “Joint Communications and Sensing” and the exploitation of semantic knowledge about the communication content (“post-Shannon” communication). Also, quantum-based communication and coding methods, with strong impact on all other 6G technologies, including through performance metrics and system simulations are evaluated.